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Jillian Carruth

Jillian, mom to Casey (6) and Junior (8) and wife to my high school sweetheart, Bruce. My passion for photography began at a young age, where I always had a camera in hand, whether it be just for fun with friends or taking pictures of my nephews. These days, my passion is helping families document their stories. My lifestyle family session centers around taking your family on an adventure and prompting a story to capture your family’s spirit. My subtle direction of “look at your children” or “look at your spouse”, instead of the camera is as good as a magic glow filter. In my opinion, the perfect session is one where we have 2 hours together to use your home as well as a destination your family enjoys, to create beautiful memories with your family. The full session allows time for the children to be themselves and forget about the camera, making the connection much easier. My all-time favorite sessions are maternity sessions. Creating a life inside of your body is both incredibly challenging and amazing, and it is such an honor to photograph this beautiful, momentous part of a women's life! When I’m not photographing, you’ll find my family doing something outdoorsy. We love to play volleyball twice a week at Coconut Beach. My favorite part about being out there is watching the sky change from white and blue to orange, pink and purple, and sharing these picturesque moments with my family. 


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