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Get to Know the Team

Jillian Carruth and Bruce Carruth of Jillian Marie Photography

Jillian’s passion for photography began at a young age, where she always had a camera in hand, whether it be just for fun with friends or taking pictures of her nephews. Her childhood creativity also included playing teacher, office and house. Today, she is passionate about helping families document their stories, specifically around significant moments or life milestones.

Bruce spent his childhood as a master lego builder and then began exploring technology and marketing as a teenager when he built his first website for a professional photographer. Bruce’s role today centers around company management, marketing and technology, and special projects that include craftsmanship and woodworking.

As high school sweethearts, Jillian and Bruce dated for five years before eloping on the roof top observation deck of the Omni Orleans with only three weeks of planning time.  The ceremony was followed by an intimate dinner with friends and family, overlooking the Mississippi River at the Galvez, which is now Marche’.

As business partners, Jillian and Bruce manage their lifestyle photography studio with hopes to create the perfect session. They also enjoy working with business clients to convey personalized branding packages through photography and video marketing.

When they’re not photographing or working, Jillian and Bruce are probably doing something outdoorsy with their children, Casey (6) and Junior (8). They love to play volleyball at Coconut Beach and watch their children’s sporting activities and gymnastics.


Jillian Marie Photography

New Orleans, LA

The Carruth family includes two kids, 2 cats and 2 chickens! Both babies were delivered by water birth.

Jillian is an early-to-bed type and Bruce is a night owl.

Jillian’s dream job is to photograph lifestyle brand content for high level business women.

Bruce’s dream job is to partner in business with Jillian and build their own brand.

Jillian has been an active member of the Junior League of New Orleans since 2020.

Jillian has 119 tabs open, and Bruce makes sure he clears his every week.

Bruce is a jack-of-all-trades and is continuously developing new skills.

Youtube Searches: (Bruce) food and cooking, science, aviation, billiards, how things work, and history. (Jillian) business, health, food, birth, parenting, psychology and science


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